We solve show stoppers
and urgent issues with
your SAP® system

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  • NEW: Easy Software to manage, document and to approve Firefighter/Superuser!
  • The Executive Board needs some reports based on the SAP data which has to be available in max. 3 days and your collegue enjoys the safari in south africa without a VPN connection
  • The MRP Run is not working anymore and your collegues are on holiday
  • The APO interface is not working and the responsible collegue is in maternity leave
  • A company critical process is not working anymore so that you have concerns
  • You notice big issues with migrated data so that your process is not working in SAP®
  • Your SAP® environment or application crashes and no one is available to help you
  • Your production has been shutdown because of SAP® problems.


We travel on site where ever you are located and support you on site.


We start immediately with our activities to support you on site or remote.

on site

If you wish us to support you on site we will travel to your location.

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Software to manage and grant access for Superusers

All SAP Modules



  • analytical skills
  • Transparency & Presentation
  • Development-Expertise
  • Procte management Skills
  • cross-sectional technology
  • Process knowhow
  • Software for audits and documentation of Super-User activities


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